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If you adopt a dog from a shelter, humane society, or rescue group, and live in Santa Barbara County, you are eligible for this great offer!

Mindy (who answers to Bitty)was in foster for 7 months with a wonderful couple and their 2 big dogs. She wiggled and danced so deep into their family, she just had to be made official by adopting her. Happy Happy Tails to you, Mindy!
Clover caught the eye, and soon the heart, of a kind and gentle woman looking for a sweet companion. Lucky Clover will go everywhere with his new person and live in serenity. Happy Tails to you, Clover.
Benny just clicked with a very nice couple who wouldn't leave without him. Our curley headed boy is off to a terrific home with a world of possibility opening up for him. Happy Tails to you, Benny!
Simba went to his forever home with a wonderful woman who recognized him for the cuddly, loving guy he is! They make such a great match-Happy Tails to one of the sweetest of the "Lion King crew" (a sweet group of chis who came in together).
Our sweet, gentle and loving Austin got his wish of a forever home today when he was adopted by a lovely couple who recognized his capacity to trust and love in a caring environment. He will also get to play with their daughter's darling Chi, so this is one Happy Tail indeed!
Freckles, funny, active loving young guy went to his forever home with a great couple who fell in love with the way he cuddles, kisses and made it clear he wanted to be their best pal. Everyone at the shelter had a hand in his adoption and were as excited as he was! Happy Tails Freckles!
Our fun-loving Mazie girl found her forever home by being sweet, charming AND having a blast with her adopter's son's Lab. Who knew she would try to run circles around her new Lab pal? Happy Tails Mazie!
Layla, the long legged lovely, was selected to make the trek to San Francisco to see if she could move to the posh SF SPCA, which was in need of perfect little dogs. Our girl passed her tests there, and people are standing in line to see her. Happy Tails to you, Layla!
Bandit was selected to make the trek to San Francisco to see if he could make the cut at the very posh SF SPCA, which was in need of perfect little dogs. Our boy was a star on all his tests there, and people are lining up to see him. Happy Tails to you, Bandit!
A married couple and K-9 PALS volunteers who took London home to be foster parents and help him with his confidence have made the leap to becoming adoption parents. They now have a confident lap dog. Happy Tails to London !
Sweet, gentle, beautiful Leona, was fostered by a K-9 PALS volunteer couple to "fatten her up" and help her learn what living in a home was like.

Four months later, and with a whole new set of manners, she was adopted and will be loved by the foster parents and the older sister dog, Cocoa (eventually). We all know that Foster to Forever is the happiest of happy tails, so here's to you Little Leona!
Prince originally had a home and was confused when he entered the shelter, but his confusion ended today when his original owner came to take him back home. Happy (renewed) Tails to you, Prince !
Lovey was adopted by a retired woman looking for a loving lapdog. Lovey fit the bill! She will be renamed Poppy and will be lucky enough to play with her neighbor's little chihuahua. Happy Tails to Lovey !
Rontu--our beautiful, intelligent, and athletic young GS--was selected to improve the surroundings of a German Shepherd rescue organization in San Diego. Happy Tails to you, Rontu!
Our sweet little Monty barely had time to settle into the shelter, when a couple with previous Dachshund experience came by and fell in love with him. He will have a wonderful life snuggling in their laps and going for walks in our beautiful community. Happy Tails to you Monty.
Wilson, our wild and crazy guy, got swooped up and taken home by an excited family with a "professional dog trainer to be" little girl who will teach this boy all the things he needs to know. Happy Tails to you, Wilson!
Moo Moo
Moo-Moo has met that perfect combination--a great couple who understands and appreciates the special qualities of a more 'mature' dog. Moo-Moo takes all her experience and love to share in her new home. Happy Tails to you, Moo-Moo!
Delilah got to go home with a wonderful family--2 nice parents, 3 terrific kids. This sweet girl will be able to spend all her kisses and love on her new family in her new home and get the same back ten-fold. Happy Tails to you, Delilah!
Shadow had the good fortune of being brought to the December "Home for the Holidays" adoption event by her foster mom where she met her future forever-home mom. Shadow went home with the lovely lady who had previously rescued another Rottweiler (now 13 years old). The adoption mom reports that they are all doing well, settling in nicely, and enjoying playing ball and their walks. Happy Tails to you, Shadow !
Jake (now Josiah) was adopted by a couple in Santa Maria. They found and swept Josiah up even before he was able to settle into the shelter. They report that they are all adjusting well and enjoy Josiah's puppy energy. Their older dog, Coal, is helping out with training, too. Photo is from a recent family camping trip. Happy Tails to you Josiah !
Shelter volunteer favorite, Roscoe, was adopted to a K-9 PALS volunteer couple who just couldn't get enough of Roscoe during their offsite play dates at the beach and then foster care. They now can have play dates any time they want. Happy Tails to you, Roscoe!
Winston charmed his way into a family with 3 kids and a Goldendoodle. Typical doodle...didn't care one way or another. Happy Tails to you, Winston !
Mattie was adopted to a family with a little old Chihuahua to keep him in his place and 4 kids to keep him very busy. Happy Tails to you, Mattie!
Scamp is going to his forever home with a very nice couple that had been looking to rescue a dog for 4 years. They met this handsome Cairn Terrier mix and felt that this was the boy for them! Social butterfly, Scamp, will be very happy with his new family as he will have lots of of them works at home. Big score for Scamp! Happy Tails to you!
Winky got to go home with parents, kids, grandparents, and a Boston Terrier. Winky is going to be very busy and much loved. Happy Tails to you, Winky!”
Valley is taking up residence in a home with 2 nice people and some giant rabbits. It is not a joke; they are as big as she is. Good luck and Happy Tails to you, Valley
Our little MacKenzie hit the jackpot! He was adopted by a woman who has been been rescuing animals for over 30 years! He now lives in a cozy home with a big beautiful garden. He has new siblings to play with too! Happy Tails to MacKenzie!
Winnie (now Layla) went home last week with a young, energetic young man who has met his match in our playful Winnie. They came to training last Saturday and her new owner said all was going well. Happy Tails to you, Layla !
Charlemagne (now Maya) went home yesterday with a lovely family from Oxnard. They can't wait to give our beautiful girl lots of TLC. Happy Tails to you, Maya!
Charlie made his match. He was hoping for someone who would cuddle him and stay home with him. She had pictured a sweet white fluffy boy to stay home and cuddle with. Happy Tails to you, Charlie!
After suffering a broken leg (repaired thanks to the K-9 PALS Medical Fund) and convalescing in a peaceful environment (thanks to a very special volunteer who fostered him to complete health), Georgie found his forever home with a young woman who was finally ready to bring another love into her life. She plans to bring him to her work each day to enjoy the home office and yard environment. He will even have a built-in playmate. Very Special Happy Tails to Georgie!
Our 14-week-old social puppy, Bailey, went home today with a young couple from Ventura. Lucky Bailey will also be going to work with his new owners. Happy Tails to you, Bailey !

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