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Pembroke Welsh Corgi / Chihuahua Mix
Sex: neutered male
Age: 9 Years
Size: 13 lbs
Lucky Chorizo has been taken under the wing of the shelter supervisor and brought out on errands and even taken home at night to help him become a more perfect dog. We’ve learned a lot of good things about Chorizo from the supervisor and we’re all ready to see him thrive in his forever home. We are looking for a low activity / infrequent visitor home because it takes Cho some time to get used to new people when he has decided that a home is his.

At home, Cho loves to be held in his human’s arms like a baby while having his back scratched and rubbed. On the couch, he will sit right next to you in a little nest of his own building. He’s also been known to add his two cents with a small yip to share in his human’s excitement while watching TV. Cho is house-trained and has been exposed to all the common house rules.

Friendly Chorizo gets along great with his small kennelmates and loves big dogs and being in the middle of the action. He was out recently in a play yard with a large dog and medium dog at the same time and enjoyed interacting with both.

Cho loves the outdoors and exploring the yard. He’s even been exposed to chickens and playing the “catch-me-if-you-can” game, but he comes away when called.

Cho enjoys his quiet time too. He will find a quiet spot where he can see you and just sit and adore you.

Doesn’t Chorizo sound like a perfect little dog to you? If so, come to the County shelter, complete a no-obligation adoption application, and meet this handsome boy in person. Give him a nice scratch and start the bonding.

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